[2010.02.11] KARA


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Girl group KARA began the countdown to their comeback as they released two teaser pictures, their album jacket and another teaser picture. Now it seems that the tracklist for the 3rd mini-album has been released. Via Twitter, our friends at Karaholic released knowledge of the album tracklist!


1. Tasty Love

2. Lupin

3. Umbrella

4. Rollin

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Hah!! i can't sleep!!

too excited about their comeback!!!

OMG haven't felt like these since their last comeback!!!

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lol. anne, i agree. they got it from us, so kh deserves the credit. :P

can't wait for their teaser though. sometimes they deceive us with concept photos and come out with something totally different. so i guess i have to wait for tomorrow.

and i think its good that they'll comeback on the 26th, for the song to gain some momentum before they go up and perform. and they do need the extra practice time to polish, since they're fresh from their japan showcase..

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the tracklist have been revealed....

now I become more excited for the 3rd mini album Lupin....

can't wait for all the song to be released....

They will steal all kamilia,fan and everyone ...

waiting for Lupin teaser,MV,album and comeback....

♥Kara Fighting!!♥

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" Umbrella " ... It reminds me of Rihanna o.o; Yes yes the track list seems pretty darn sexyyyy O.O I really am anticipating for it <3

- Thank you so much for sharing this ! <3

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