List of Japanese celebrities that did the butt-dance


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For Araki Nanaki, it's Nanaka, right?

Omg Nozomi Sasaki! I love her! She's so gorgeous <3

i dunno if you would count him as a japanese celebrity, but he did get his mma fame in japan. bobb the beast sapp! he is absolutely in love with kara!

LOL I REMEMBER Him! He's such a KARA fanboy haha.

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yeah the song is so addictive that I stumble across a group of taiwanese celebrites people singing mister, and doing the butt dance. Of course they translate the song into mandarian, but still they did the butt dance. Also saw some girls try to dance to lupin, I mean I was happy she choose to do lupin, but she destroyed the hallo part and emergency exit dance, it was so bad the comment were like "where is the emergency exit dance". See so KARA have fame into taiwan, so KARA go doing concert around the whole asia, that what I want. They more recognizedn if they do that. They conquer japan, now try to conquer other place. I think KARA butt dance is like wonder girl nobody, since wonder girl nobody is recognize mostly in asian(a little in american, if you kept up with kpop)and KARA butt dance is soon to become recognize in all of asia. If they do concert around asia, it would defintely more more recognize

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Miura Haruma dancing Mister at the Super Handsome Live 2010 event.

Someone in YT has mentioned that Sakurada Dori was one of the other boys and I think one of them looks like Uehara Takuya.

In any case, all the five boys are actors.

EDIT: The boys were Miura Haruma, Sakurada Dori, Hirama Soichi, Mizuta Kouki and Uehara Takura.

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lol omg, update <3

someone please tell me everyone's names.


4th-Jan-2011 02:28 pm

FAN REPORT - all the happenings of Jan 2 2011 Hey!Say!JUMP Winter Concert

Yuto and Yamada Scene (+Japanese Fans)

There was a Japanese fan holding a "Please do Kara's Dance movement" card. Nakajima saw it then he pulled Yamada who just passed over. The two of them shaked their butt like this:

Hey!Say!JUMP too <3

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Tv host/producer/commentator Terry Ito did the butt dance in Sukkiri and that episode when he took the girls out to a food market.

Other famous tv host/commentator:


Downtown (from Hey Hey Hey)


Cream Stew


Ueda Shinya (Cream Stew)

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If this is about celebrities then might as well include sports, Japanese star soccer player Fujimoto Chikara.

Check out the article i found. lol @ the guy's frustration.

KARA is proving to be a bit hit in Japan! They have female and male fans alike that all are caught up in trying to imitate Kara’s butt dance including celebrities.

Japan’s veteran midfielder Fujimoto Chikara was no exception to this rule. He has been wanting to do the butt dance as his goal ceremony when he puts in his first goal. It finally looked like he might have a chance on the 10th, but his shot was blocked by the goal keeper. A teammate succeeded on the rebound, but Fujimoto expressed his frustration on not being able to do his butt dance ceremony.

This just proves how popular Kara is getting in Japan. Are you looking forward to seeing Fujimoto Chikara finally score and do the famous “butt dance” on national TV?

Source: Sportal Korea | koreaboo

**this article was posted Nov. 12. I dont know if he actually did the dance yet but pretty sure he practiced the dance privately lol.

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