What is your favorite dance from KARA?


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I love the Honey dance, but i think the hand movements in Wanna are much better.

I don't really like the butt dance :S I mean, i love the song and all, but the butt dance is too hard for me, so i automatically disliked it.

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Last time it's mister...But now I like STEP more!!!

It's dance is really nice, and I thinks it's better than mister's choreography (except of course for the butt dance, I think nothing can beat the butt dance...)

I also like jet coaster love's choreo a lot...


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I can answer this one right away without hesitation that WANNA sports my all-time favorite dance moves, the girls look so slinky and sexy, and those moves are the HOTTEST ever! I love live performances, and I have to say that WANNA is the one that I've collected with the most passion, I can watch ANY performance of this, it is SO. DAMN, GOOD! Whenever I blast the song in my car or even walking around with my ipod, I see the dance moves in my head, and my hands eeven begin vaguely moving to the tempo! AHAHAHA


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i know full dance for step & lupin..but mister i cant dance no matter how hard i tried..only KARA can properly do this dance..lol..i hope one day i can dance mister like nicole did.. :thumbup:

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