[2009.08.30] KARA wins Mutizen for Wanna


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KARA won their first award for their title track Wanna on August 30, 2009 at SBS's Inkigayo.

This award comes after one month of releasing the song to much anticipation and excitement. Wanna surprisingly took away the lead from Brown Eyed Girl's Abracadabra, which many thought would go on to win for three straight weeks.

Just like their previous wins, the members of KARA were emotional as they accepted the win. Tears fell as the girls expressed that they had not thought that this win was possible for them. As they did not anticipate such good news, the members were visible shocked. They continued by thanking everyone who supported them during their promotional activities for their second album - Revolution, especially their family and staff at DSP, and also their fans, Kamilia.


translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

check out their winning:

thanks to: sweetpack07@youtube

for those who can't see the video, click HERE

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I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. They totally deserve this award! <3

Hara was so emotional during the encore awww. x3

Hope the winning streak continues! 8D

The girls worked hard for this album and they definitely deserve some recognition~

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hahaha you got this up so fast tin...thank you!!!

gosh it was such an exciting moment...i don't think any of us expected it at all either...but so happy...since we all were praying the girls would at least get to win something this time around...so hooray!!!

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congrats to our girls! i dont think anyone expected them to win..

even i didnt think they would win..they had alot of tough competitors!

but kara definitely proved us wrong! :D kara jjang!!

the win was very touching! and finally hara cried! i've been waiting to see her cry! :]

aww nicole hid her face..its okay to cry nicole :] and seungyeon..she kept wiping her tears lol

and wooyoung "kara kara kara" lol :D

good job girls! i'm proud of you! :]

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AHHH I AM SOOO HAPPY. KARA WON~~~ I was totally not expecting it cause I even forgot there was a thing called awards. I only caught the ending section cause I was like "Oh, I can catch some Kara action there." And then Take 7 came on and I'm like "Oh, there's Take 7." And then I see the contenders and I'm like "Omg I think Kara can win this." AND THEY DO OMG OMG OMG. SO HAPPY~~~ It's so awesome to see the girls getting something for Wanna. And they're like all totally shocked, I mean the MC had to repeat to them to "Come to the front." And wow wow wow none of the girls were expecting this, and I don't think anyone of us were so this is like WOW WOW WOW. Omg this reply is so nonsensical but YAYYY KARA WON <3

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Finally !!!!!

YES ~~~~~~~

I'm so so so so HAPPY & EXCITED !!!

After waiting almost a month the girls get it !!!

I'd love for them to win Music Bank M! Countdown and another 2 Mutizen ^^

I think they can get them all !!!!

KARA JJang KARA Fighting ~~~~~

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i was browsing through kara videos and i came across it. i rushed over to here, allkpop and every other korean pop news site i could think of to see if it was true. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM SO SO SO HAPPY. they looked so shocked and emotional. it's okay to cry girls, you deserved this win for sure! i hope they win at least once more, maybe for mister cause that would be amazing.


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i noticed how this was the opposite of their first win for honey. for that, gyuri and seungyeon, (and jiyoung) were the emotional ones.. but for this one, nicole and hara were more emotional, and yeah, it even got hara crying.. am so happy for the girls.. i think i'm happier because this was totally unexpected.. in a nice way of course. :D

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Omg I've jz realised that ican comment in this after an hour of browsing here & the other sites about KARA's big surprising win haha wow I'm slow todayy anyway its good that I woke up really early & see that they WON!!1OMG OMG. Haha had to actually open my eyes wide to make sure. I wasn't still dreaming haha wow really unexpected after 1 month of promtion cool congrats KARA!!!! boii wats up with all the suprises..Sunghee unni & now this..hmm wats nxt?

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YAY!!!! GO KARA!!!

i knew they could get this.. they've worked so hard!!

they looked so shocked about the win.. but it was really cute

hara and nicole were the ones crying this time, and seungyeon was trying to hold it in

it made me get all teary too!!

anyway so proud of the girls.. hope they can get more and more awards!!!

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Cograts alot!....

YOU deserve IT!

Some people can't believe you've won..

They are doubting KARA's stregnth but not ME/ not US...

We will promise to support you till the end...

I really LOVE KARA!...the best hwting!...


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