Who do you think will be the first to get married?


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. i think Gyuri . shes the leader . the Goddess Leader . its the Follow The Leader basis . if Gyuri would get married . the other members too would get married as soon as possible . lol . joke . haha . Gyuri . i think is the best wife you could have . and good mother too . shes loving and caring . that's why i love Gyuri too . saranghaeyo Gyuri noona .

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when i read the question, gyul came to my mind. but then... nah.. not gyul. shes the one that, you know, is pretty smart. i took the first good look at gyul on a show. dont remember the name, but the one with the hidden camera, where seungyeon pretended to be introducing her bf to gyul and hara. that one. yeah. so definitely not gyul. not speaking of older or younger at the same time, jiyoung would get married at a younger age than gyul. lol i think gyul would be the last.

so, back to the topic. i think its seungyeon. XD

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i will go with seungyeon...

coz in the idol show ep 10 with suju i found she could be a great wife with her caring,loving, and blessing face....

she even already has her own future married life plan, she want to have 1 son and 1 daughter,living in a house instead of apartment, having a garden or yard where she could raise a puppy....

HAHA that quite obvious for a 20 year old girl...

Lol exactly! Shindong and Seungyeon were already making plans in that episode hahaha. Gotta be her.

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this is my first post for KARAholic..

I think that Nicole will be the first to get married.. i recently hearing news about Nicole and Key and i really really support them..

not to get married but to dating i guess..they're too young to get married though..

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