[Other] First Impressions of Hara?


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I was an instant fan of HARA!

The first time i saw her in the ROCK U video...

my eyes were just focused on her.

Her smile and beauty attracted me the most.

And her lovely voice.

Seungyeon<3 became my 2nd fav.

I became a fan of KARA because of her.

She seems to have like an aura that made her stand out.

Seeing her grow from the ROCK U days til now..

Gosh, I'm so proud of her. She keeps improving

day by day. Working hard. Aww our, SWEET HONEY!~

`Til this day, I'm still a fan. (:

Despite all the antis she got ...

believe me there were a lot and still are.

Especially international ones.

Calling her this and that. And of course

that didn't make me stop liking her one bit

since ANTIS tend to not know the truth but

believe rumors.Instead, that actually made me LOVE her even

more.I feel like protecting her and the others.

That's why i LOVE their fanbase's name,


we are their family.

So only the REAL KAMILIA knows

the TRUTH and what goes on with our girls.


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Aww joss reading your story made me a bit emotional ;~;

aww thank you.

i was planning to write more but

it would of taken a lot of space.

so i made it super "short". (:

Seriously, I love our fanbase the most.

The members here don't hate on other groups.

We respect each other. I LOVE US(KAMILIA)

for supporting our girls through their hardships

and not giving up on them.

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lol, seriously... first time i saw hara at Honey MV, i don't like her.. i don't know why,.. =___= ( sorry Hara)

but, after watch, watch, and watch Honey and Pretty Girl MV 10000000 times, SHE'S REALLY PRETTY CUTIE GIRL and on Invisible Youth, she's ADORKABLE,DORKY and her immature jokes jjang!!!!!! I'm getting love with her.. LMAO!!!

and Now, she's my fav KARA member.. Hara <33333 ;_;

So only the REAL KAMILIA knows

the TRUTH and what goes on with our girls.

OMG Joss onni, I love that words... i'm touching... .__.

Yeah, only the REAL KAMILIA!!

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Whe i first sw Kara..

I cant make out between Jiyoung, Seung Yeon and Hara..

Especially the Wanna MV..

After i recognise Hara, I think she's a very sweet girl with a cute smile..

And now..i thinks he's even sweeter after getting to know her better through Invicible Youth..

She's just dorky xD

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I first saw her is when she was live performing Pretty girl on musicbank... I was sort of like browsing through the whole group and yup Nicole and Hara caught my attention.... Nicole for her bright smile and Hara for her natural beauty!

Later, I started to pay attention on this group and found out that she's a doll before she debuted as a artist!

She could be the only face that I want if I go for the plastic surgery!

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waahh ur post really meaningful..

i'm join KH just a month ago,and i do wish i can become one of the real family :)

and yes,i do really love being here..

never regret it before :)

back to topic..


i don't really remember when was the 1st i really pay attention to her..

but i start to liking her on kara's idol army..

esp when she keeps on jumping on her couch to answer the question xD

although she wasn't my fave, i'm still think she is beautiful and her dorkiness really funny xD

and her voice,it was sweet..but i think she needs more training :)

esp when she sings because i'm a girl..

many people hates her,but i loved it xD

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well my first impression on her is that she's also a sangtae (yes, just like SHINee's Onew)...

mainly because.. i first knew Hara when I watched Invincible Youth when Onew is a guest there... and since they were paired there, i took notice of the pretty girl Hara who told jokes like Onew....

so I searched Kara, and tada!! I'm a fan of Kara now :(:)

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honestly at first i didnt like her just because of her looks. now...i'm not saying she's ugly or anything, shes very pretty but i guess i just never really paid attention to her.

untill i saw a lot of those variety programs and i just fell in love with her because of her fighting spirit.

and!! shes hilarious

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