[Other] Jiyoung's Older Sister


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Jiyoung has two older sisters (thanks to hanji & peter for this info). She's the maknae at home too,

I found this on Daum Gallery under Celebs Family Section and they're saying that this is one of Jiyoung's older sisters.






They got the same eyes and lips? haha.


Updated: March 1, 2010:

Kang Jieun (22 Years Old)


Kang Jisoo (20 Years Old)



cr: daum

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They look veeeery similar! But I think Jiyoung's more baby cute :blink:

^^ and I know what you mean! She does look like another celeb but I can't remember who.

Jiyoung has two more other sisters I think. Or at least one more. I wanna see what they look like haha.

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Lol wow. Everyday you learn something new ((:

They're both so pretty--Jiyoung leans more on the 'adorable' side

I'm having the urge to reach out my hands to my monitor

and virtually pinch her cheeks~! Aigoo xD

They have lucky parents ;P

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oh jiyoung really looks like her :P

you can kinda see how jiyoung would look like when she gets older ^^

theyre both pretty pretty ^^

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