[Jingly] Do you like Jiyoung's bangs ?


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You have not noticed already, Jiyoung rarely takes pictures of herself (non-kara related) with her bangs, but instead, shoves it to her side, or keep them up to show her whole forehead, but when performing, or on TV with everything KARA related, she has her bangs? She seems she doesn't like them ?


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i think, when it comes to their hair and stuffs [for performances/appearances on varieties], it's their stylists who decides for them.

most of us agree that the girls look better when they dress/style themselves up. haha.

i like her bangs. she looks great in both side and full. so, i don't really mind them. :D

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Well predebut JY had straight and side bangs I believe. I don't think Sunghee liked them actually, since in almost all recent pictures and even while she was in Kara, her bangs would be tied/put up (by her own free will). But that's beside the point haha.

I think JY looks really really cute w/ w/e bangs or even if she doesn't have them at all :whistling:. I wanna see more of her selca pictures though!!

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bangs are pretty annoying... not really comfi and stuff..

ive got like a love hate relationship with my bang xD they look soo prety.. but sometimes theyre just SOO annoying..

but i love jiyoung's bangs..really cute.. but a side is really cute too .. i dunnow... bangs are just too annoying..

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Well yeah I like her bangs, they work with her face and they make her look really cute~!

I'm jealous~

Straight bang looks awesome on her, I don't want her to change the style, I think if she had more of a bubble or a bang or even a side bang might make her looks slightly weird or make her look like Hara's twin.

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