[2009.07.21] KARA's radical change for comeback


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insane. haha.

at first I was like, "@_@"

but after a few glances, Gyul and Nicole and Hara pull it off pretty well. Tbh, I probably wouldn't be as excited if this was their comeback image, but... WOW I think Nicole looks sexy with the hat and that bracelet thing~ (:

They kind of remind me of lady gaga. :3

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I was like "WOW THIS IS AN UPGRADE OF CUTE AND GRACEFUL?" I mean I'm excited but it seems surprising to me but that picture just maby me think I wonder how this is a upgrade of cute and graceful.....I prefer their wet hair look better, though I bet when they make their comeback I will like a lot more. XD

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I'm spazzing out >_>

I'm feeling another hit for KARA :DD

I can' t even type right now! I'm spazzing out!

LOL i've never spazzed this much for Kara before :D

I wish Gyuri and Jiyoung had different poses though lol

like one of them tilt their head a bit ^^

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wow.. they look so different

they do look like the asian lady gagas!

i think nicole and gyuri looks the best with this concept

cant wait to see the mv.. and the teaser is going to be released on seungyeon's birthday

im so excited!!

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Skshgsdg. Shocking image change ... But I like the new attitude that they're showing. (:

DSP is being such a huge tease though, LOL. It makes me all fidget-y. AUGHHH. Really can't wait until the girls bring out their next hit. @_@ ~~~

I love how Nicole is bringing back her hats. :) + Her bracelet thing is coooo~l. Hara's eyes ... HUGE. :)

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I was having dreams and trying to figure out what concept they'd have next. I didn't think they'd tease us again the very next day. :( Alot of people don't like this new look, I guess they think it doesn't live up to the first picture, but I have to say WOW. Never in a million years would I have thought they would do the silver wigs, I was thinking the next photos would go cute again, but I was wrong. xD

I cannot wait to see the rest!! The first photos, Gyuri and Hara looked the best!! In this one, Jiyoung and Nicole look the best!!

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